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Words of recommendation from Lizabeth Yandel:

“Working with Neil Hillman was more beneficial and enlightening than I could have imagined.

Having worked as a musician for years and a bit in music production, the transition into sound design and editing was perhaps easier than it would have been if I’d had zero experience, but it was still quite a steep learning curve. Neil was very attentive and able to meet me where I was on each aspect of the process.

The project I came to him with was an indie feature film, for which all of the audio was captured on rather low-budget equipment and much of which had a lot of wind noise and serious mic disturbance issues. Neil taught me how to overcome these challenges using Davinci Fairlight without having to purchase expensive plugins or additional tools.

While his consultation on these important technical issues was incredibly helpful and valuable, what I most cherished about the experience of working with Neil was his creative input, which was clearly fueled by a deep love of film and film sound and an honest appreciation for independent film, in particular. He watched our film with great attention and gave me thoughtful notes on how to approach building a strong, emotion-driven soundscape for the world and characters.

I felt respected and supported all the way through, as Neil was always easy to communicate with and quick to respond in his consultation.

That film is set to win an award at its first festival this year and I know its overall production value increased exponentially from my working with and learning from Neil. I can’t recommend his sound design consultation enough! It can absolutely take your project to the next level and beyond.”

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